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Directory will house the Wyoming Education Directory, Wyoming Department of Education Directory (Whom Do I Ask?) and Wyoming Public School District Directory. These sites will be set up similar to phone books and have specific directory information and additional links to outside educational organizations.

Data Collection will house our inventory of forms that are used to collect state and federal required data, an intuitive calendar with open and close dates for each collection and secure access to the WISE State Report Manager, Collection Tracking System, WDE-level data validations, and secure disaggregated collection data.

Data Reporting will house numerous public reports, report series, district and school profiles, and secure disaggregated reports.

Lifelong Career Guidance will house the Department’s Career Clusters and the ability to explore career options, plan for career training, pay for career training, and apply online for career options.

Communities are for specific groups of stakeholders enabling them to share resources and information in a secure environment.

Applications will provide a central access point to the new Directory Manager (replaces the WDE690 - User Login and Security Right Requests), WEdGate, e-Grants Management System (GMS), Special Education Monitoring System, Wyoming Transcript Center (WTC), PAWS Administration application and PERC Portal.