Data Reporting Links
Report Series
Every Student Counts
Satisfies statutory requirements
Provides education stakeholders with valuable information about Wyoming schools and districts
Offers schools and districts another means by which to inform stakeholders about their efforts, and ultimately garner stakeholder support.
Is an important resource for schools and districts to evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts to increase student achievement
Statistical Report Series
Stat 1 - School District Mill Levies and Bonded Debt
Assessed valuations for counties and school districts plus ten years of historical information, school tax levies by type for school districts, and bonded indebtedness of school districts.
Stat 2 - School District Enrollment and Staffing Data
Staffing information by school districts, enrollment with various breakouts by school, gender, and ethnicity, teacher/pupil ratios, special education counts, free/reduced lunch eligibility, and historical enrollment information.
Stat 3 - School District Financial Profiles
Financial information on the operations of Wyoming school districts with summary statistics on general fund revenues and expenditures, and general district profiles, which includes statistics on revenue, expenditure, enrollment, number of graduates, dropout rates, ADA, ADM, staff counts, assessed valuations, transportation information, and cost per ADM.
Youth Risk Behavior Survey
The YRBS was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to measure the major health risk behaviors performed by youth. These health risk behaviors include: behaviors that contribute to intentional and unintentional injuries; the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs; sexual behaviors that contribute to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases; unhealthy dietary behaviors; and inadequate physical activity. These health risk behaviors are known to cause premature morbidity and mortality among youth and lead to chronic disease.